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Company registration in Malaysia.

We specialize in providing efficient and customized company registration services in Malaysia to private SMEs.

Whether you are looking to start your new business or expanding your existing business from a sole proprietor or partnership, we will help you to get your new company ready hassle-free.

Why starting a company in Malaysia?

Limited liability

Shareholders’ assets are protected as they are not liable for debts and losses of the company.

Perpetual succession

A company will remain in existence even if the original founders depart from the company.

Foreign ownership

A company can be wholly-owned by foreign equities for most business activities.

Greater access to funding

A company can raise capital through issuing new shares to investors and bank loans are likely to be approved more easily.

Transferable shares

Existing shares can be easily transferred and additional shares can be easily issued to new investors.

Tax advantages

A private limited company is taxed at a low flat rate up to a certain chargeable income limit.

Greater access to grants

A company has more opportunities to apply for grants from the various government ministries and agencies.


A company is perceived as being more reputable than other forms of entities in Malaysia due to the need to comply with the stringent requirements of the Companies Act.


The basic requirements in order to incorporate a company in Malaysia are as follows:
  • Minimum 1 director who has a permanent place of residence in Malaysia
  • Minimum 1 shareholder with an issued share capital of RM1
  • To appoint a licensed company secretary within 30 days of incorporation

Documents and information needed

The following will be needed for the incorporation process:

  • Proposed company name (3 names in order of priority)
  • Description of business activities
  • Business address
  • IC copy of each director and shareholder (Passport for foreigner)
  • Residential address, email and contact number of each director and shareholder
  • Number of issued share capital with allocation % between shareholders


We provide straightforward, upfront and competitive pricing as follows:

Incorporation of a Company (Sdn. Bhd.)

RM2,500 nett
  • Name search and reservation
  • Registration of company
  • Company Incorporation Certificate
  • Certified copies of incorporation documents
  • Resolutions for opening of bank accounts
  • Retainer fee at RM70 per month billed quarterly

Subsequent fees for our company secretarial services can be found here.

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