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  • Company registration in Malaysia.

    Are you looking to start your new business or expand your existing business with a company?

    We specialize in providing efficient and customized company registration services in Malaysia to private SMEs.

  • Accountancy and finance professionals have evolved during the pandemic and experienced 'five years in five months'.

    During the past 18 months, the work undertaken by accounting and finance professionals has taken on greater significance in most organisations. Never has there been such a need for finance teams to demonstrate a deep understanding of the organisations they work within.


Welcome to Nicholas Ee & Associates.

We are a member firm of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants, established in 2016.

We offer industry-focused professional services ranging from accounting and bookkeeping to auditing and taxation, to a wide spectrum of industries in the current dynamic environment.

Our dedicated and competent team is committed to ensure that we serve our clients with high quality service and professional standards. We do not see ourselves as accountants, but rather problem solvers, providing corporate solutions to our clients, both individuals and businesses.

Accounting & bookeeping.

We can take care of all your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Whether your business is a start-up, early-stage or established, your bookkeeping is the foundation for good financial management and control, so we can ensure you have the right support, whatever your stage of development.

Company secretarial.

Our comprehensive company secretarial service provides clients with the ability to deal with the duties required under the Companies Act 2016 whilst assisting in the performance of those duties.

We offer the complete package of services to private limited companies, ensuring the operations of businesses will not be disrupted due to compliance issues.


Taxation is a highly complex issue and always changing. Our specialist tax team provides services specifically for private individuals and companies designed to ensure compliance with the prevailing regulations whilst identifying all possible opportunities for making savings.